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Glenn J. Webber, Esq. Certified Mediator

webber-mediationDisagreements enter out lives on a daily basis. Most of them are easily resolved. Some are as simple as a neighbor asking you to pay for the replacement of a window that was broken by one of your children while hitting a baseball from your property. You feel that their insurance pay for the damage. Because you are a good neighbor, you agree to pay for the replacement. The disagreement dissolves.

Serious disagreements often require legal intervention. Many divorces are complex and emotional. Physical injuries caused by another person can also complex and emotional. Attorneys represent the rights of those involved but lawyers seek what is best for their own client and this can often make a resolution even more complex.

What is needed is a neutral person who is not personally involved with either of the parties who are in dispute. This person is a “Mediator,” a highly trained person with proven experience with a history of keeping a “clear head” and a neutral position while listening to all of the parties and all of the issues in despite. This mediator must be able to equally give all of the parties honest and realistic suggestions which will lead to solutions ending the disputed matter.

Attorney Glenn J. Webber of Stuart, Florida is such a mediator. With years of experience in many areas of the law, Mr. Webber knows intuitively what is best for all parties given his balanced and honest suggestion for a fare resolution. With years of trial work, Mr. Webber knows that a jury trial often ends with one or both parties “losing.” Accepting the time-proven advice of Mediator

Glenn Webber can allow ALL parties to be “Winners.”